Crypt of the Everflame

Crypt of the Everflame Pt1

I cast some light and we entered the darkness of the tomb.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

Pushing open the heavy door, which CREAKED far too loudly for my likening, we entered the long room, Conner bravely volunteered to go first (as in I said your big, you go first) while we took in the scene of carnage of 2 dead humans, we was attacked by group of skeletons. Ugh I hate the undead, people should like just stay dead. Like me you mean ? Oh you had to chirp in, shush you.

A very one sided fight ensured, with Alonzo crying out for Milani to put the undead to rest and bathing us in a very nice glow of energy, Connors shear brute strength just smashing those skeletons, I found I was picking bits of bones out of my hair several days later (and I keep it short for a reason)

Soon the skeletons was sent back to wherever they came from. Searching the room and the unfortunate people we found backpacks filled with pillows and blunt arrows. If they was attempting to use this against the skeletons it didn’t prove to be very effective, The Skeletons really went to town on them, From what we could see, these did not look like hardened thieves or similar, instead farmers or similar. Conner recognized them as Gerol and Vark. Looks like they died 3 days ago.

So if they was here, why was we needed to gather this damn lantern ?

We had two exits, the right one (to the west seemed the most promising, it had a pool of water, which smelled clean, two doors which proved to be locked and a statue apparently of Kassan himself, however some had decided that his head wasn’t needed and had taken it off.

Examining the pool we could see it was full of keys, however detecting magic Showed one of them glowing. The pool was not shallow either, half stripping off I dived in and grabbed the key. It was not warm, in fact it was freezing. Not amused.

It was getting late as this was late evening now, and we chose to get some rest, recharge our spells and for me to get warmed up and dry. Doing our best to ensure that it was as secure as possible we got some rest.

Night descended while we pondered what we have discovered so far, and what it meant



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