Crypt of the Everflame

Kassan, what a Dump Pt1

I really should of Kept my Head down.

“Great Wizards always keep a journal to record the great things they have done, and to server as valuable lessons to those that follow”

What a pot of horsedung, like really, do I want to leave a record of what I have been doing, Im sure the town guards would LOVE that, so that fat merchant lost that amount of gold on this day, This shopkeeper had X taken on that day.

Im sure its that thrice be dammed Esdalf idea of trying to keep me well behaved, hes probably sneaky AND smart enough to dream up this way to try and keep me “Behaved”, screw him, hes probably reading what I am thinking now and chuckling to himself. URGH I knew taking that damned knife would get me in trouble, but nothing I can do about it YET!

Although I have to admit some of what hes teaching is rather handy, and anything that can be turned to a coin has to be useful. Greatest Invisibility, cannot wait to try that one out.

SO at his prodding he recommended to go through Kassan, he wanted to see the quaint village which was raised by an adventurer and the lantern ceremony that they hold each year. Oh and its on the way so bonus…….. Makes my teeth grind, plus he threatened to start singing the greatest hymns of Nethys while I was trying to eat and go to the loo.

Its one thing to have an snarky, smart old man in your head, its another thing when your trying to take a piss or give yourself in a wash. He says he doesnt look through my eyes, but I bet hes just an old pervert. No im Not, Mutter wish he would stop doing that.

Anyway Kassen hadn’t changed much from when I last saw it, mind you I didn’t stop for long and I was quiet young at the time. The town square was pretty quiet even the inn keeper seemed to be acting like a funeral. The bells rang out about mid day and everyone started to gather in the town square. Like seriously everyone, EVERYONE, was dressed in black like some great person had just died.

They all stood their freaky like, with their eyes down cast. I tried to mingle a little bit (should have worn more black) and them all looking down made it really hard to get a good grab on a person.

I had just spotted on the edge of the crowd this fat farmer, or minor lordling, his clothing looked a bit smarter and he was distracted by saying things to what could only be a maid, the maid looked pretty upset, so guess he was one of these rich IM THE GREATEST types, perfect, a bit of humbleness from poverty might do him some good.

I just got into position when I heard a voice from the centre of the square shouting out, sadly clearly at me. The damn crowd parted, and I had to give a little smile, I was just about to say wasnt me didnt touch anything, when I heard him say something worse than “Guards Arrest her”

Ah A hero, come forward young lady

By the Eldest’s green light, I was being Volunteered.



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