Crypt of the Everflame

Kassan, what a Dump Pt3

Off we traipsed into the Forest, What Fun

I love the fact that we are surrounded by this spectacular natural beauty that routinely strikes us dead

The Trail was windy, narrow and surprisingly dark, however with our vision this was just like walking in daylight, the others introduced themselves and it turns out Conner was asked to come here to Volunteer to assist them with this “Quest” as part of his final initiation into the order of the paladins (great real DO Good-er)

The rest of us was some poor chumps to happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. However it did set my mind at ease that they was some dark cult, they wouldn’t risk upsetting a holy order of paladin’s.

Although I had my doubts they were not bad types, at least my wallet and honor would be kept “safe”. Unlike some who tried to remove both, and ended up with a dagger in the right place (well I thought it was right, hopefully they can walk straight now)

A hour or so into the walk, we had some excitement

4 Orcs jumped out over a log and went all menacing, Conner and Alonzo (what sort of Orcish name is that, turn out he was raised by a dwarf, insane I would guess) readied their weapons while I got the jump on them and lashed out with my whip, its easier to kill or run away from if they are lying on their back, or sat on their arse.

Crack, the whip it true, and went through them. Dammit an illusion, a quick look around showed no one else, but a strange bird flew off, almost chuckling to itself and there was a strange smell of smoke, maybe from a pipe.

We kept wary for more such illusions, I was almost tempted to tell one of them that the tree was an orc in disguise, just to see if they would hit it. But they didn’t seem the type to find that funny.

The evening got on and we made camp. My prowess in bargaining got us a suitable tent and we ate rations while they spoke about themselves, Now was not a good time to say im possessed by the spirit of a dead perverted wizard., I am NOT perverted , shush Esdalf, you want me to write this down, its in MY words.

We took straws on watch and I got dibs on first watch. Did I mention we was hearing howling, probably not, the problem was it was steadily getting louder. Either it was that damn weird bird (probably a fey, the writings of the lantern king mentions them) or we were going to have some company.

Turns out it was company, 3 wolves came snarling in, unusually they was looking thin and hungry, Cryspy was understandably nervous but I figured feeding them might be better than a fight, a pack of wolves is no laughing matter. Good thing I did chuck some food at them, after eating what was probably several days of rations, and that there was a fire nearby, they decided to go else where.

The night passed peacefully. Dawn brought a new day filled with excitement. Yeah right



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